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NEWS 2015

Where Is The Money
Feature Film 2015

Каде се парите
Игран Филм - 2015

director - Vladimir Petrovski Karter

We're happy to announce the start of filming of a feature film called WHERE IS THE MONEY directed by Vladimir Petrovski Karter. The filming is scheduled to finish at the end of August and post production of the film should be finished in May 2015.


NEWS 2012

"Planetarium" - Documentary

director - Ivan Mitevski

Planetarium is a multimedia project incorporating several artistic media - painting, photography, film, dance and music. At the centre of the project is a painting by the internationally-established Macedonian artist, Kiro Urdin. The painting, a canvas of 48 square metres, has been painted in different locations during a journey throughout the world, thus symbolically bringing the world together in one undivided unity.
The painting "PLANETARIUM" consists of two panels, each covering 24 square meters. The artist KIRO URDIN has dedicated twenty months to the execution of this work in different places on our planet, and several years to make the film on 35 mm in six versions (English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Macedonian). Planetarium is winner "Best documentary" award at New York International Independent Film and Video Festival 2005 and winner "The Ostrobothnian museum Artistic Award" at Wildlife VAASA International Nature Film Festival in Finland 2012.

NEWS 2012

"Sungura" - Documentary finished June 2012

cinematographer - Christoph Butenschoen
editor - Vladimir Petrovski Karter
director - Andreas Hoehnie

John Peel played music from Zimbabwe for the first time on radio in early 80es.The way the guitars are played was something diferent from anything that was usually played anywhere in the world. This exotic and unique sound called SUNGURA, was originally created in Zimbabwe and became very popular in other African countries like Mozambique, South Africa, Kenya, but also in other parts of the world. This documentary tells the story of JOHN CHIBADURA and other legendary musicians from Zimbabwe who are no longer alive.
It is dedicated to them and shows the sons follow in their fathers' footsteps.

NEWS 2012


In his ongoing quest and passion for Africa world traveler, painter, writer, and filmmaker Kiro Urdin has finished his latest third film inspired by Africa's wilderness called TWO TIMES. Its'a feature art film filmed on locations in Masai Mara, Kenya. Actors are lions, hyenas, wildebeests, elephants, baboons, zebras etc. Humans are playing the roll of statists in this thrilling film about a parallel universe of everyday life of wild animals, a life from which we can easily identify ourselves in our everyday struggle for survival in our highly civillized society.

Director of photography Brand Ferro; music, Venko Serafimov;
editor, Vladimir Petrovski - Karter; written and directed by Kiro Urdin.

NEWS 2012

At the moment among the various projects that we are working on, we are also engaged by the Macedonian national television station Sitel to work on the TV series EZEL, one of the biggest hit TV series produced in Turkey. We are working on re-editing the entire sound picture and prepare it for Macedonian voice over. Ezel has become one of the most watched series on Sitel TV in Macedonia.

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